Jay Nine, Inc is now Neural Experience


As of January 1, 2020 Jay Nine, Incorporated is no longer a company. We have merged with Promethean Marketing, located outside of Denver, Colorado, to become… Neural Experience.

Every company seeks to build higher engagement with their customers, yet they have little-to-no insight on how their customers’ brains actually work, what’s most meaningful to them, or much less, how to truly create a biological change within their neurobiology. NX fills this gap by integrating our team of trained neuromarketing experts, brand creators, copywriters, web, and software developers to create a biologically optimized user experience (NX) within your brand.

From branding to user interface we create a deeper, more meaningful experience that better connects your customer to your brand, not just to drive your revenue, but to open the pathways of communicating the meaning and purpose of your brand to the people that matter most — your customers.

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