Aiming at the Mark

Your company is more than a brand. It’s an experience.

J9i specializes in bespoke, fully-functional web design and custom software that result in enhanced digital brand experiences and aligns with your business, your bottom line, and most importantly, your customers.

We understand that staying relevant in this disruptive era means you need web design, online marketing, and software solutions that guarantee your brand can keep up with consumers’ constantly changing preferences, needs, and expectations.

We focus on marrying elements such as design, inquiry, search, social, and data to create custom website and software solutions designed to address your unique performance and functionality requirements.



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Oh Shirt Yeah! needed a branded solution that would elevate customers’ in-store kiosk experience. Aiming to shorten wait time while simultaneously delivering an awesome product, the brand hired J9i to create custom software and web design that included interactive, on-demand features, improved content management and provided all-around reliability.


Taking the Stress Out of Tech

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Logiic partnered with J9i to launch a new website that captured the essence of its growing reputation. The brand had recently rebranded itself and, in the process, realized that its web presence came off a little technical-ly. Through in-depth research and content optimization, J9i delivered a final design that not only made Logiic more approachable, but was responsive, practical, and versatile.


Protecting the Environment and Customer Data

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NES’s incredible history of compliance management and environmental safety training is unmatched. With such a reputation, the brand needed top-of-the-line web design and software solutions that could keep pace. To accommodate, J9i created a hybrid environment that merged data and design in a way that enabled NES to better manage its many functions.


Our clients demand results that drive growth, engagement, awareness, and value.

With that in mind, we deliver on every expectation by infusing each project with the most advanced SEO, software, design, and conversion tactics around. Below are some of the results.


A Fleet of New Design Standards

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When Pure Luxury came to us, they had the human element of the brand down to a T. What they lacked was a website design that communicated the brand’s passion and commitment, and a software that allowed customers to design their own transportation packages. Through extremely specific design and software strategies, J9i helped Pure Luxury meet the needs and expectations of itself and its most valuable asset: Pure Luxury customers.


Because School is Cool

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As a resource for supplemental education options for home-schooling parents, Horizon Charter Schools (HCS) is no stranger to enriching lives. Where they fell short, however, was making the masses aware of their amazing program. J9i stepped in and delivered website and SEO solutions designed to facilitate better search performance, targeted marketing, and higher enrollment rates.


Though our goals are simple, our systems and standards are anything but.

We take our responsibility of transforming your brand’s digital presence and potential very seriously, which is why we’re completely transparent in our process and partnership with you.

Through a complex mix of strategy, technology, passion, and teamwork, we help our clients achieve consistent, measurable results and revenue.

We’re data-driven, values-driven, idea-driven, and digital-driven – all of which you should expect from an online development firm.

Enhancing your brand is our first priority. From audit to execution, every stage of your project is critical, and your vision and goals serve as the foundation upon which our expertise is applied.

Who We Are

Jay Nine, Inc. (J9i) is a premier Auburn-based online development firm. We specialize in website design, custom software development, and search engine optimization (SEO), and boast a portfolio of clients spanning a variety of industries like education, IT, transportation, and medical.

Our reputation and success is powered by a team of creatives located across North America, Canada, South America, and India. We are constantly adding new talent to our team to ensure we’re able to deliver on project and cost expectations for each of our clients.

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Case Study: How a Natural Disaster, CSR and Paid Search Campaign Resulted in a Successful Lead Gen Engine for Pure Luxury

In late 2017 (October to be exact), wildfires brought utter devastation to Northern California—leaving countless families displaced, thousands of buildings and businesses damaged, and more than 245,000 acres destroyed in their wake. Despite widespread damage, the fires (thankfully) had only minimal effect on Napa Valley wineries. But, the emotional, social, and financial aftermath of this

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Last Week in SEO, Week Ending 06/29/2018

A summary of recent changes within Search Engines: Google Introduces Smart Campaigns for Small Business In an effort to streamline their offerings, Google’s flagship advertising product (Google AdWords) is going through a rebrand—changing the name from Google Adwords to Google Ads. While Google has maintained nothing will change under the hood, new features and changes

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Last Week in SEO

Here are what I consider to be the most important news items in the world of SEO from last week: Google Local Results Dynamically Change Based on Query Google’s “local pack,” the search results that show up in the main search results page, will now show different business categories next to a business’ name based

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The Benefit of Sprints in Project Management

A popular project management framework, Scrum, utilizes Sprint cycles to create measurable deliverables in a fixed time box. According to ScrumGuides: Scrum (n): A framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. Fundamentally, Scrum is just a project management system. It’s a system

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The Jay Nine Incorporated Step-By-Step Guide to Tackling a New Problem

“The normal way we conduct our lives is we reason by analogy… we do it the same way other people are doing it. Instead, boil things down to their most fundamental truths… and then reason up from there.” – Elon Musk I recently put together a campaign to book new clients that run marketing firms or

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A RoadMap to Your Project’s Success

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