Brand First Marketing is a phrase we concocted to represent the idea of growing the influence and revenue of a brand from the inside out. The model centers on the principles of ‘brand management’, or, using specific techniques and strategies to market a particular product, product line, service, or brand.

Essentially, Brand First Marketing is always ensuring that you’re using your unique business identity to drive your marketing efforts.

Without a unique brand identity, your business will become lost in the clutter, the noise, and the drama of an online world. You can spin your wheels for months, even years, doing exactly what everyone else is doing. You’ll rely on a lot of luck, and unnecessary hard work to make ends meet and grow your business. You’ll continue working with clients you don’t want to work with, you’ll spend a lot more time doing “sales,” and you’ll constantly fight pricing wars.

Without a unique identity, you’re just like everyone else.

It’s very easy to lose focus on why you started your business. It’s easy for bills, employees, and customer demands to cause a shift from “I started this business as a dream that stemmed from…” to “I just need to get one more client to keep the lights on this month. I’m just trying to beat my competition.” Yet, looking through the history of the most successful companies of all time proves one thing: proper execution and distribution of a dream is the difference between success and failure.

Maybe you started your business to become a multi-millionaire, and give your family the life you always wanted to lead. Maybe you’re ready to start a business that you can run well into your retirement, or a business that protects you and your family during retirement. Or, maybe you started your business to spend more time with your loved ones and friends. The “Brand First” Marketing concept is the way you can achieve that dream while remaining vigilant to the ever-changing world of technology.

Brand First Marketing Action Items

I want you to take a minute and get back to the basics.

Even if you think you have a strong brand identity, Brainstorm on the following items:

  1. Why did you start your business? What need did you want to satisfy in the market place, and what dreams did you have?
  2. What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)? Essentially your USP is the differentiating factor between you and all of your competitors. What do you do that other competitors don’t do?
  3. Now, take a look at your website and online marketing materials. Do they accurately describe this core dream? Or, do you have too many products and services that are “cluttering” up your website?

Additional Resources

I recommend all business owners watch the Ted talk by Simon Sinek, entitled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.” His philosophy is a rare gem in a crowded market place of “brand management.”