Website Design and Custom Software Architect Session

One of our first steps in website design and custom software development is a Roadmapping Session. This consulting service helps shape the concepts running around in a client’s head into a full blown web application, website, or custom software. This imperative first step ensures that all aspects of the final “system” are accounted for, and there aren’t any

What’s Covered in an SEO Plan?

All of the clients that have engaged us in search engine optimization services, first hired us to do an SEO plan. It’s common in the SEO industry (especially if you utilize overseas labor) to skip the planning part and jump right into doing the SEO, without ever thinking of why they are doing so. Simply jumping into

The Jay Nine, Inc Website and Application Development Process

It’s really easy, without proper planning, for website design, custom software development, and eCommerce development to run astray. Websites and web applications are much larger projects than they used to be. They generally contain a lot of nuances (customer support emails, shopping carts, specialized forms data entry—and so on). It’s easy for “scope creep” to

The Past, Present, and Future of Jay Nine Lessons

I’m quite thrilled about the future for Jay Nine Lessons! I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few weeks planning some structural changes to my company, and I’m ready to share those changes with you! The Past I founded Jay Nine Lessons as Jay Nine’s Social Media Marketing in 2009, and focused on