Last Week In SEO, 04/23/2018

Here are what I consider the most important changes or news in SEO this week. Google Confirms Rolling Out a Broad Core Search Algorithm Update Google posted on Twitter last week that it released a “broad core algorithm update.” In the past, Google has explained that core search updates happen “several times per year,” and

Last Week in SEO 04/01/2018

Here are what I consider the most important changes or news in SEO this week. There really wasn’t a ton of news in the last week, so I’ll focus more on the recent announcement for “Mobile First” indexing from Google: Mobile First Indexing Being Rolled Out to More Websites Last week, Google announced that they’ve

This Week in SEO, 03/25/2018

I’d like to share with you some of the most interesting changes/updates in search engines in the last week: Google Launches New Shopping Programs as an Answer to Amazon Google has been trying to tap into Amazon’s retail market for quite some time, and this week they’ve launched several new efforts called “Shopping Actions” that

Local Search Engine Optimization with WordPress

A lot of small and medium sized businesses use WordPress to power their websites. According to BuiltWith over 1/3rd of all of the internet’s websites are powered with WordPress. Why Do People Use WordPress? WordPress provides a truly flexible platform. Plugins, off-the-shelf components, and other themes allow businesses to spin up complicated websites much more efficiently

2017 SEO Trends and Projections

In the past, I haven’t been one to discuss “predicted” SEO trends in public blog forums. However, I’ve often told my clients’ things like, “We need to focus on quality content instead of gaming the system, since gaming the system is becoming increasingly difficult as new Google changes come through.” So today, I bring you my