Google Reveals How You Can Increase Your Local Ranking

Google has updated their Improve Local Ranking page to include more information on ranking a local business in their search engine. Article at a Glance: How Google determines local ranking (using relevance, distance, and prominence) How to improve your local ranking How Google Determines Local Ranking Relevance Relevance, while vague, refers to how well Google

Stop Marketing, and Start Content Marketing (And 4 Types of Content to Create)

According to the Google definition, content marketing is a: “…marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.” Clients of ours often confuse social media marketing for content marketing. This is why, I believe, so many people struggle with these types of marketing. Social media marketing

Is Mobile Friendly Enough For Your Business SEO?

This year has seen a rise in the interest of mobile marketing, and with Google’s Mobilegeddon, a lot of business owners have turned their interest into making sure their business fits in a mobile world, and want to reach consumers on their mobile devices. The importance of mobile has riled business owners into overthinking and

Extend Your PPC Campaign with Remarketing

You may have noticed a new trend on the internet. You’ve probably noticed that after visiting a certain website or brand—you can’t seem to escape their advertising! This isn’t a crazy form of an unregistered confirmation bias—this is known as “remarketing.” Remarketing is done through “cookies.” A lot of websites are dropping a cookie to

What is PPC Marketing?

What is PPC Marketing? Let’s say that you own a small business. Let’s say that you want more customers. Really, who doesn’t? We’ve all heard of social media marketing, and the mixed results it produces. Even when optimized, social media, content creation, and similar–all takes time. Time you, the business owner, don’t necessarily have to

Google Adwords Tips: The Basics

  Google’s PPC platform (known as Google Adwords) can be a very effective way to attract new visitors (and clients) to your company’s website. The goal of today’s article is to give  a good frame of mind for setting up and launching a PPC campaign through Google. Concept  1: Know your Niche Always keep in

The Basics of SEO

  This article is going to be a little bit more technical than what I usually write. There is a lot of mumbo-jumbo and advice floating around about SEO, but I wanted to write this article to give you the very basics on how websites are ranked with Google. Today I’d like to outline the