Case Study: How a Natural Disaster, CSR and Paid Search Campaign Resulted in a Successful Lead Gen Engine for Pure Luxury

In late 2017 (October to be exact), wildfires brought utter devastation to Northern California—leaving countless families displaced, thousands of buildings and businesses damaged, and more than 245,000 acres destroyed in their wake. Despite widespread damage, the fires (thankfully) had only minimal effect on Napa Valley wineries. But, the emotional, social, and financial aftermath of this

What is PPC Marketing?

What is PPC Marketing? Let’s say that you own a small business. Let’s say that you want more customers. Really, who doesn’t? We’ve all heard of social media marketing, and the mixed results it produces. Even when optimized, social media, content creation, and similar–all takes time. Time you, the business owner, don’t necessarily have to

Google Adwords Tips: The Basics

  Google’s PPC platform (known as Google Adwords) can be a very effective way to attract new visitors (and clients) to your company’s website. The goal of today’s article is to give  a good frame of mind for setting up and launching a PPC campaign through Google. Concept  1: Know your Niche Always keep in