How Come My 14 Year Old Has a Thousand Facebook Friends, But My Company Has Only 14?

Several years ago, right when I was starting my business, I was asked this question on an Internet forum, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The funny thing is, it’s because you’re doing social networking wrong, and they’re doing it right. Take a look at any (or all) of your online company profiles (Facebook

Get Ready for Pinterest Community Questions

Are you ready for a new feature on Pinterest? Pinterest may be looking to broaden it’s reach and effectiveness by adding a new community feature, which is currently being beta tested by a select group of users. It was recently leaked that Pinterest is testing a new feature with it’s top Pinners, called ‘Pintrest Community

Why You Got Unfollowed on Twitter

Recently I spent a lot of time going through the people our company, Jay Nine Inc., was following on Twitter. I wanted to spend some time interacting with more people, but I quickly found myself deleting a lot of people! I realized that before I could get into interacting more frequently with our community on

Three Free Twitter Resources You Need Right Now

Making Sense of Twitter—Some Free Twitter Resources to Help Twitter, when used properly, is one of the best social marketing platforms for almost any business. It’s a lot easier to learn more about what sparks people’s interest, to engage with someone, and move people off of Twitter and into real world interactions. The 140 character

Social Media Cover Photo Templates & Cheat Sheet

  This blog post is meant to serve as a tool for correctly choosing cover photos for the main social networking platforms. Cover photos are the photos you see on new Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and other social networks. While you don’t have to worry about image sizes on a lot of social networks (think

Using Social Media to Market: Remember Your Niche

  Different industries and companies need to implement different steps in order to achieve a solid performancewhen using social media to market. Although many products, courses, and “surefire techniques” promise otherwise, it is impossible to copy and paste a marketing plan. Marketing requires different approaches for different niches. Period. Using blanket terms can, at best,

LinkedIn Business Strategy in 2013

For years, marketers have been engrossed in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and ton of other consumer social networking websites. Many strategies, tactics, and gurus have emerged in the different consumer based social networking platforms, while many marketers have only had a “one-foot-in” relationship with LinkedIn. LinkedIn has quietly grown to over 200 million registered users. While