“Hey, Like Me on Facebook Too…”

I’ve spoken several times on how annoying I find it (and how ineffective it is) to overload a new follower on LinkedIn or Twitter with a message like, “I’d love to connect on Facebook too [link]” immediately following a new connection/follow. To summarize for new readers: I feel that this practice is used by people

New Facebook News Feed: Preparing Your Business

Recently, Facebook announced one of the biggest changes they have ever made: a change in their News Feed. Here is Facebook’s official page on the information: http://newsroom.fb.com/News/581/A-New-Look-for-News-Feed Here are the big changes in the new Facebook news feed: New Visuals This displays visual content (like photos and videos) much more prominently than before. Although Mark

What is Social Media Psychology?

Ever since I wrote my last article on the 2012 Facebook Changes, I’ve received a few questions on what “Social Media Psychology” means. First of all, this is a term I’ve been using for quite some time in my consultation meetings and when I’m explaining how to sell on social media platforms. It refers to

Facebook Marketing in 2012

Recently I wrote an article on overall social media psychology in 2012. Today I’d like to discuss Facebook marketing in 2012. I’d like to talk about some important adjustments you need to make in order to gain the most out of your Facebook marketing campaigns. As always, I have successfully tested and implemented these ideas through

Social Media Psychology in 2012

With 2012 almost halfway over, the purpose of this article is to help you plan your company’s online marketing in an even more detailed manner than you ever have before. Gone are the days where people are still wondering if this stuff is going to “work.” Now we’re at a time where it is imperative

Facebook Promoted Posts: The Cold Hard Truth

There have been a lot of rumors and misinformation swarming around ever since Facebook released their Promoted Posts feature. To summarize: the social media giant now allows pages with over 400 fans to “promote” a status post with Facebook promoted posts. For a small fee, you can select any post that was posted within the

RIP Google Places… Say Hello to Google+ Local

With the rise of Google+, it has been rumored that Google would combine some of their other platforms (like Places) into Google+. As of this morning, Google Places has been entirely replaced by the new Google+ Local pages. The Changes: Here’s a brief overview of what’s new and what’s changing: A new “local” tab within

New Video: Get More Facebook Fans!

Hey everyone! Check out the following video to learn two easy methods that will help you get more Facebook fans! Basically, you are using your Facebook page to do two things: 1. Find and comment on other pages that have a similar niche as yours. Or, any page that has the same or similar target