Case Study: How a Natural Disaster, CSR and Paid Search Campaign Resulted in a Successful Lead Gen Engine for Pure Luxury

In late 2017 (October to be exact), wildfires brought utter devastation to Northern California—leaving countless families displaced, thousands of buildings and businesses damaged, and more than 245,000 acres destroyed in their wake. Despite widespread damage, the fires (thankfully) had only minimal effect on Napa Valley wineries. But, the emotional, social, and financial aftermath of this

Creating Content for SEO

Last year, Snapchat was the latest rage. Marketers passed around articles and pushed to get their brand on Snapchat. “We need the latest secrets to reaching teens on Snapchat!” Then, Snapchat changed to Snap, changed their platform, and recently fell out of interest due to a tweet from Kylie Jenner. Now, you seldom hear companies

2017 Email Marketing Trends

In the ever-changing world of technology, it can seem impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest trends in the digital landscape. However, as a business owner, it’s vital to keep up with them…or risk losing customers. Below we’ve outlined some of the most widely predicted email marketing trends of 2017. Interactive Emails Interactive

The Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes (#2): Not Having a Proper Advertising Technique

I’ve had the opportunity to help a lot of different niches in social media marketing. I learned how to do all of what you read in this blog by assisting musicians, studios, bands, and songwriters in setting up and promoting over social media. Then, as I got better at it, I moved onto businesses, politicians, and

The Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes (#4): Being Too Spammy

This is part of a series of articles on the biggest mistakes brands make with online marketing. You can view the articles here: http://bit.ly/1ohkl48 Today we’re going to learn about Online Community Engagement, with your brand.  Let’s say you have a hot new product coming out that you post about twice a day, getting people pumped for

The Biggest Online Marketing Mistakes (#5): Not Valuing Content

For the next two months I’m going to release a set of articles that discuss the top 5 biggest mistakes I see in internet marketing, with some supporting articles to better help you understand where to take your online marketing. You can view the articles here: http://bit.ly/1ohkl48 Today we’re going to learn why content marketing

Content Distribution Channels

Today’s article takes a look at different content distribution channels, and gives you several resources to help spread the message of your content. Content Distribution Channel 1 : SEO Optimization Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is traditionally viewed as a range of tricks or tactics to get your website or content to the top of Google’s

How Come My 14 Year Old Has a Thousand Facebook Friends, But My Company Has Only 14?

Several years ago, right when I was starting my business, I was asked this question on an Internet forum, and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The funny thing is, it’s because you’re doing social networking wrong, and they’re doing it right. Take a look at any (or all) of your online company profiles (Facebook

What is Brand First Marketing?

Brand First Marketing is a phrase we concocted to represent the idea of growing the influence and revenue of a brand from the inside out. The model centers on the principles of ‘brand management’, or, using specific techniques and strategies to market a particular product, product line, service, or brand. Essentially, Brand First Marketing is