It’s Time to Have an Honest Conversation about Yelp—The Truth about Online Reputation Management

Revised: 06/26/2017 with more updated information “All of our other customers are getting the emails.” The condescending tone the woman at the UPS store used to tell me this absolutely infuriated me. I was in the middle of a 12-hour workday, just returning from driving over 4 hours to visit a client, and was questioning

Marketing Your Service Firm in the 21st Century (Or, How to Make the Right Decisions and Grow, or Listen to Poor Advice and Fail)

If you’re running a consulting or service based business, you’ve likely been tossed around with different advice online, and can’t quite make sense of what works and what doesn’t. Perhaps you’ve hired an SEO firm, a web development team—or any of the new age marketing gurus—and haven’t quite seen what you’re looking for. There’s, quite

Most Companies Have a Horrible Story, And What You Can Do To Fix Your Company’s Sales Story

One of the most disconcerting discoveries I’ve found in my professional career is that the vast majority of the companies I’ve interacted with did not have a unique, uniform, and coherent story that could be expressed by employees (truthfully) throughout their organizations. Sure, the business owners thought their business ran a certain way. The company

We’re Still Not Building Relationships Here, Marketers.

  It seems everyone “knows” what social media marketing should be used for. It seems that everyone “knows” social media is not a form of advertising, but rather a way to market your business organically within your community. In case you aren’t currently one of the many who “know” what social media marketing is, I’ll

What Solar Roadways Teach Us About Content Marketing

I’d like you to watch two videos. First, watch this one: Then go ahead and watch this one: Which video got you more excited for the solar roadways? Hopefully, the second video was your response. This video also has 6x as many views as the first, and even contributed to a large increase in views

How Following Trends Will Ruin Your Business

Marketing companies and experts often try and tell you that following trends is a great way to boost your marketing ROI. They tell you that gearing your ad copy towards “summer” or jumping on the hottest social media platform will bring you more business than you could have ever dreamed. They point to large brands

One of the Biggest Reasons Businesses Have Trouble — The Difference Between Advertising, Marketing, and Sales

Many people view marketing, sales, and advertising as the same thing. All of these concepts are viewed as ways of growing a business (or your personal brand). While all of these pieces work together with your core business foundation to grow your business—they are, inherently, three separate things. Marketing is about forming and maintaining relationships.