Understanding Web Hosting

We’re often asked how we host websites, what the cost is, and sometimes how web hosting works. This article will explain that. What is Web Hosting? Web hosting is a service that allows people to post a website or web pages to the internet. A web host or hosting provider is a business that provides the

The Truth about Mega Menus

Mega Menus are large dropdown menus that give users a lot of choices when surfing your website. Colombia (http://www.columbia.com/) has an excellent mega menu: These are large, dropdown menus with many layers of navigation. If you’re looking for a specific style of shirt, you could get there really easily. Navigation is an extremely important aspect

Improving Web UX for Better Conversion

UX (User Experience) is the study of how a person uses a product (like a website) and generally focuses on how we can make that experience easier and more pleasing for the user. I want to talk about two simple concepts of UX that can help improve the experience of your website: The Design Gaining

How the Shiny Object Syndrome Is Ruining Your Web Design

One issue that has gotten progressively worse throughout my years in this business are the amount of business owners that suffer from “Shiny Object Syndrome.” This can be defined as an idea that captures your imagination in such a way that it distracts you from the bigger picture, sending your business and projects on a tangent,

How You Can Easily Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Next Web Design Project

It’s really easy: develop a semi-functioning and working prototype of the design. Many industries use prototypes to test-drive specific ideas and concepts. Prototyping is a much cheaper alternative to full scale production, allowing you test out risky or uncertain elements without committing to them. An auto manufacturer may develop a few different variations of a