Consumers demand to be connected. Constantly.

So when your brand is ready to offer a custom application that delivers on that demand, you don’t have time to worry about lengthy time-to-market, security risks, or software that doesn’t work properly.

Your business deserves a custom solution that’s scaled by predictable performance, end-to-end efficiency, and that accurately represents your brand and vision – on every device.

J9i has tremendous experience with delivering software solutions for innovative brands spanning both technical and non-tech industries, including eCommerce, insurance, IT, education, and real estate.

Optimization through Automation

Automating business processes will always be a smart decision.

Luckily for you, we’re experienced in developing both native and cross-platform custom software solutions, stocked with integrations and features that elevate brand experiences.

We know that when it comes to custom business software development, usability and performance are only part of the equation. What’s equally important is efficiency.

J9i has hand-crafted custom software for an array of business processes: software that automates compliance and Accord forms for insurance companies, report generation software for a reputable soil testing lab, custom billing solutions for eCommerce brands, and the list goes on.

We’ve developed custom solutions for just about every business need – and now we’d like to design and optimize a solution for your brand and its customers.

A Fully-Fledged Approach

At the foundation of every custom software is a complicated problem that once plagued a brand’s efforts, processes, and growth with uncertainty.

Does the latter sound familiar?

The best part about working with J9i is that we’ve been there and we know exactly what you’re dealing with.

To arrive at the perfect solution, we distill your vision into a custom plan and product that solves your brand’s specific business challenges.

The real work is not so much in building the software, it’s in synchronizing and perfecting every piece so that the final product optimizes your business cycle while reducing costs, enhancing your brand experience, and driving growth and innovation.

Our fully-fledged approach to designing and delivering a perfectly customized software solution involves drawing from years of experience with studying and using a trustworthy variety of software and project management infrastructures:

  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • Waterfall
  • Six Sigma
  • Kanban

Leveraging this expertise means that we don’t have to force-fit a solution that may not be applicable to your business challenges and needs.

It also means that we can deliver a richer, more responsive custom software solution for your brand.

If we don’t think we can deliver what you need, we won’t waste your time.

Vetted Programmers, Validated Processes

We can’t stress enough the importance of having the right people in the right places. At all times.

In other words, we accept no less than the best when it comes to staffing our programming and project development teams.

We’ve gone to great lengths to vet every programmer on our team and to validate all of our processes – from start to finish.

Our main reason for doing these things is simple:

We’re committed to providing custom business software development services free of bogus time allocations, fragmented teamwork, and lackluster performance – all of which end up falsely inflating your hopes and project costs.

Other companies may have the big offices and the super-fancy break rooms, but what we have is a thousand times better: heart.

From discovery to deployment, every programmer, process, promise, and hour billed is accounted for.

Service Solutions

Mobile/Desktop Apps

If your customers are mobile, then your business should be as well. Keep up with the expectations and needs of your most valuable assets.

Web Apps

Custom, enterprise-level software designed to help you reenergize your brand and attract and deliver results.

App Marketing

What good is your app if no one knows about it? We’ll help you get your app’s reputation up and running with creative, strategic app marketing.

Let’s talk more and see how we can help