When you think of eCommerce website development, a few non-negotiable features should come to mind: responsiveness, flexibility, creativity, strategy, and purpose.

At J9i, we understand that a great eCommerce site could be the difference between high sales and high bounce rates – which means that getting it wrong isn’t an option.

From essential eCommerce features like suggested pages and seamless checkout experiences, to the effective extras like follow-up engagement emails and abandoned shopping cart reminders, every aspect of your new eCommerce site must be optimized for success.

We’ll take your vision and design a custom eCommerce platform with strong back-end and data capabilities, and that works on every device, every time.

Your Products are the Foundation

Your vision and our process will share a common starting point: your products.

Our experience tells us that before any of the improving, enhancing, checking-off, and optimizing can take place, a solid understanding of your products is needed.

We have key questions we’ll go over first. It’s simple, quantifiable stuff such as:

  • How many products and product categories do you have?
  • How can we optimize the buyer’s navigation experience?
  • Which products should be showcased? Which shouldn’t?

After we outline everything, we can identify the best processes and features to scale your custom eCommerce website design for both your brand and your buyers.

The Rhythm of Systems

A cool eCommerce website design means nothing if your site’s systems and software aren’t working together seamlessly.

What’s equally important (and attractive) to potential buyers is how easily they can flow from one stage of the buying funnel to the next.

Creating the optimal eCommerce experience means optimizing your site’s integration, automation, and everything in-between. At J9i, we like to refer to this as the logistics.

We specialize in integrating all of the systems that keep your business doing business in the smartest way possible: inventory management software, shipping software, cart abandonment software, invoicing and accounting software, and more.

eCommerce Website Examples

eCommerce Website Examples


Crankyz is an eCommerce store located in British Columba, and specializes in selling BMX parts and accessories to enthusiasts. They needed a custom eCommerce website that could import the 10,000+ products they offer, and full control over the system so they could make updates, changes, and product adjustments on the fly.

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Local Spicery is a California-native spice milling business owned and operated by husband and wife duo Nicholas Davoren and Evelyn Wood. Local Spicery offers a variety of all-natural, made-to-order gourmet spices and seasoning blends that are milled, blended, packaged, and sold at the peak of freshness.

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