You may have noticed a new trend on the internet. You’ve probably noticed that after visiting a certain website or brand—you can’t seem to escape their advertising! This isn’t a crazy form of an unregistered confirmation bias—this is known as “remarketing.”

Remarketing is done through “cookies.” A lot of websites are dropping a cookie to alert an advertising system you have already been on their website—so they can show you tailored advertisements to try and win you back to purchase from them.

As you can imagine—remarketing has proven to be a very effective way of converting customers. Think about how distracted you are when you’re doing online research or purchasing. Phone calls, emails, and endless amounts of content can disrupt your intentions of purchasing and help you in forgetting what you were doing entirely.

Remarketing helps you capture those “lost” visitors and helps better target your advertisements. Below I’ve listed three of the best and most affordable remarketing companies—to help you get started on your remarketing campaign.

Retargeting Companies

Google Remarketing:   This product ties into their Google AdWords product, and in my opinion is the easiest way to start a remarketing campaign.

AdRoll:   Considered the most widely used remarketing platform in the world—AdRoll is good as a “second step” for consumers who are using Google Remarketing or other remarketing tools.

ReTargeter:   ReTargeter definitely has some of the best customer service I’ve come across in a very long time. They have a steeper initial pricing point—but it’s a great service for remarketing.

A Few Tips

I recommend starting with Google Remarketing and expanding to other companies as your campaign (and budget grows).

Finally, don’t overdo it please. Make sure you limit the number of times these ads are served to the same people—as to not scare anyone away. The last thing you want to be seen as is the creepy company who doesn’t value privacy and follows potential clients all over the internet.

Remember, just because you understand what Remarketing is doesn’t mean everyone else will. Online privacy is a very  hot topic right now—and you never want to sacrifice a user’s privacy for your own personal gain.

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