I’ve recently received a ton of questions on Facebook SEO, and I wanted to write a blog article on how you can set up Facebook SEO.

I also wanted to debunk a common myth: Facebook will not get you a number one result for your chosen keyword.

Google (and other search engines) understand that anyone can set up a Facebook page, and trying to use Facebook to beat out other competitors in huge niche words like weight loss, insurance, make money, etc. will not happen.

Try it. Go to Google and type in your main keyword. Do you notice any Facebook results? I’ve tested tons and tons of different keywords, and I’ve never found a Facebook result for any of the most competitive keywords out there.

Now that that’s out of the way, I want to talk about some Facebook “best practices” for SEO.

What you’re trying to rank for is your company name, and any local information that might help people find you. If you’re mainly a national company, then you just want to focus on ranking your Facebook page for your company name.

There are four important parts to your Facebook Page.

Fan Page SEO Title

When someone does a search for your company, or any company, the result looks something like this:

This is just broken down as your “Fan Page Name | Facebook.” DO NOT try and stuff as many keywords in your Facebook page as possible. I’ve seen a ton of people try and put something like: “Scott Taylor Real Estate Investor for North, East, South, and West Florida.” These pages are too long, and generally will harm your conversions (as your page looks like spam). It also doesn’t do anything to help your SEO. Try and keep your name as simple as possible, something that people can easily find when searching for you.

Meta Description

The Meta Description that Google (and other search engines) are looking for is simply your “About” section, as well as your Fan Page name. Make sure both of these are filled out, and accurately represent you. Try and use your company name in your About section, as you’re mainly trying to make sure people looking up your company name can find you.

The H1 Tag is Your Fan Page Name

Really simple. Your Fan Page name is your H1 tag.

Fanpage URL

This is an important one… Be careful about choosing your fan page URL! Once you’ve chosen it, you’re stuck. Right here is where you can play around with keywords. So, if it’s available, you’d want to try something like:

Facebook.com/yourmainkeyword or Facebook.com/CompanyNameAndLocation

I use both for my clients, and it works out pretty well.

To summarize: Stop looking at Facebook as a way to sneak in a boost your SEO. Unfortunately it’s very unlikely for this to happen. Instead, focus on creating a great place that Facebook users can view your company.