Google’s PPC platform (known as Google Adwords) can be a very effective way to attract new visitors (and clients) to your company’s website. The goal of today’s article is to give  a good frame of mind for setting up and launching a PPC campaign through Google.

Concept  1: Know your Niche

Always keep in mind your company’s profit structure when you are setting your budget for a pay-per-click campaign. For example, if you are selling a simple $10 product, then a pay-per-click campaign with highly competitive keywords (between $5-7 a click) is likely not going to benefit you (unless it is a lead capture type campaign).

That is easy to understand, but one thing a lot of business owners turn their nose up at are the higher priced clicks Google has been charging. While spending $60 in a few days with no return can seem like a waste, if your company stands the chance of gaining $10,000 from one customer, the $60 will seem like pocket change.

Concept 2: Realize the first month is for test

Dovetailing nicely from the previous section, it is important not to set unrealistic expectations for your first month in pay-per-click. A common mistake is simply setting up and leaving a Google Adwords campaign, expecting that the simple set up will open the flood of traffic to your website. While this is a very  possible scenario, it is just as important to look back into keywords, the actual ad, the offer, and more.

Concept  3: Determine your budget, return, and timeframe

A simple budget is usually the best to start with; until you get a figure on what kind of return you can set up with your campaign. Usually it is a good idea to let a campaign run for 90 days (while clipping keywords, making small adjustments, and so on) before seriously considering pulling the advertisement. Every business is different, and only a testing period will allow you to achieve the optimum results for your niche.

Concept  4: Load up those Keywords

This concept is the subject of whole books and training courses, but I will briefly go over a huge mistake companies make on Adwords in regards to keywords—not starting with enough keywords! It is important that you load up and test as many niche related keywords as you can. You might be surprised to find out that some long scale keyword Google’s Adword tool provided returns a click. I’ll be writing a full article on setting up keywords, so stay tuned!

Concept 5: Designing Your Ad

The last concept you want to focus on is designing your pay-per-click ad to be catchy, and stand out from the others. A lot of people offer a free give way to stand out, while some companies are better off with just their company information

The last thing in designing your ad is to make sure you never lie, or mislead people into clicking your ad. Not only is this unethical, but it also will get you slapped by Google. The common trap people fall into is offering a “free report” in the advertisement, but then requiring an email address for the report. While I don’t necessarily think this is unethical, I have had people who have gotten in trouble with them for this in the past.

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