Here are what I consider the most important changes or news in SEO this week.

Google Confirms Rolling Out a Broad Core Search Algorithm Update

Google posted on Twitter last week that it released a “broad core algorithm update.” In the past, Google has explained that core search updates happen “several times per year,” and these are usually non-major changes.

Fundamentally, these are Google’s way of honing in on their goals of serving the best possible content to searchers. Some websites may notice drops or gains, but this will go along the lines of core search engine practices:

Create relevant content for your users, confirm your website is easy to use, has proper on-site SEO, and doesn’t do anything to try and “game” their system.

First Batch of Mobile First Indexing Notifications Sent

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed the “Mobile First” indexing process. This week, SEOs and webmasters started to get notifications via Google Search Console that their websites are “enabled” for mobile-first indexing.

This is the first big acknowledgement of mobile first indexing, and is showing that this is becoming more important. Websites that follow the best practices of mobile indexing can expect their mobile websites to rank first, but it’s still in the early stages of rollout.

Phrase-free AdWords Campaigns are Here!

Some local advertisers have reported their accounts are seeing new campaigns through Google PPC named “Local Search Ads Experiment Campaign.”

Google has confirmed that these are experimental campaigns running for select advertisers. These campaigns are promoting verified business locations in local search rules—without using keywords! Google is using Google My Business (GMB) information like the address and location category to trigger relevant results.

Right now, you cannot request to take part of this. However, this is a sign that you need to pay attention to your Google My Business account. It’s likely this will continue to become more relevant as a 21st century style “yellow pages.”