In late 2017 (October to be exact), wildfires brought utter devastation to Northern California—leaving countless families displaced, thousands of buildings and businesses damaged, and more than 245,000 acres destroyed in their wake.

Despite widespread damage, the fires (thankfully) had only minimal effect on Napa Valley wineries. But, the emotional, social, and financial aftermath of this natural disaster was felt by many businesses whose services and products complemented those of the wineries.

One of those businesses was Pure Luxury Transportation, a client of Jay Nine, Inc.

About Pure Luxury

Pure Luxury is a chauffeured travel service that serves customers throughout Sonoma, Napa Valley, and the Bay Area.

The brand is known for its competitive fleet of luxury vehicles and its custom, one-of-a-kind wine tour experiences. Each year, Pure Luxury transports thousands of tourists and locals to and from Northern California’s most prominent wineries.

Business Prior to the Napa Valley / Sonoma Wildfires

When Pure Luxury first partnered with Jay Nine, the company was receiving semi-regular business. The biggest area hurting the brand’s sales was its website; it was an issue that had long kept it from reaching its full potential. At the time, Pure Luxury’s website donned a dated, user-unfriendly UI that lacked several of the elements necessary for conversion optimization—with one of the most important being visual appeal.

Luckily, this was an easy fix. After improving the site’s layout and functionality, incorporating a modern design, enhancing its color scheme, and building a custom booking software for scheduling and paying for tours, Pure Luxury was ready for the road ahead.

However, it was what came next that would truly test the brand’s resolve.

The Challenge (as a result of the Northern California firestorm)

Following the Northern California wildfires, Pure Luxury’s sales declined tremendously.

The combination of location (in relation to the wildfires) and local devastation meant Pure Luxury was only receiving about 40% of its average monthly sales.

Struggling to overcome the drastic drop in bookings, Pure Luxury turned to Jay Nine again, this time for a marketing strategy that would keep business alive—at least until the waters of disaster receded.

The Strategy

Given the urgency of the matter, we immediately began discussion with the Pure Luxury team about ROI and performance expectations for an advertising campaign. After sorting out all the details, we promptly went to work on devising a custom marketing strategy that would attract new customers and drive awareness, engagement and sales.

But, we didn’t stop there.

Although we understood the importance of driving sales and ROI for Pure Luxury during this trying time, we also knew that it was equally important that all marketing remained sensitive to the needs of Pure Luxury’s local community during this devastating time. So, we put together a strategy that placed Pure Luxury’s CSR at the forefront of all advertising efforts. This decision was an easy one to make because the brand made it clear from the beginning that it wanted to invest a percentage of wine tour proceeds into efforts dedicated to the restoration of its community.

Here’s a glimpse of the strategy we put together:

  •  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Create a landing page that detailed Pure Luxury’s commitment to its community; highlight how 20% of all bookings made through November 30, 2017 would be donated to the Redwood Credit Union North Bay Fire Relief.
  • Paid Advertising Campaign (AdWords): Perform highly-focused keyword research and run a Google advertising campaign to brought awareness to CSR efforts and attracted new customers
  • Social Media: Market CSR efforts and landing page across all social platforms.

The Results

The marketing campaign ran for the entire month of November 2017.

During that time, more than 80 qualifying leads were generated for Pure Luxury. Here’s a breakdown of those leads:

  • 9 build-your-own tour bookings
  • 4 contact form submissions
  • 20 phone calls
  • 6 online chats
  • 45 “book now” clicks on website

Though these results may not seem significant at first glance, they exceeded Pure Luxury’s expectations for two specific reasons:

  1. The entire campaign was created, launched and finalized within 30 days (November 1 – November 30, 2017)
  2. The brand had unexpectedly lost more than half of its average monthly sales, and had no other options or strategy for recovering sales (other than ‘waiting it out’)

Bouncing Back

In the months since the Northern California wildfires, Pure Luxury has been able to recover a decent amount of business.

Though Pure Luxury is no longer running this specific marketing campaign, the brand’s updated website design (the one done by Jay Nine) has continued to optimize visitors’ on-site experiences, thereby resulting in a steady supply of qualified leads and tour bookings.