Athos | Client Case Studies from Jay Nine, Inc.

Here’s how we helped Athos eliminate perpetual technical issues, automate request and renewal processes, and help them on the path to achieving the dreams of their business.

About Athos Insurance

Athos Insurance is an insurance provider that specializes in equipment and property coverage. Its full line of insurance coverage spans a wide variety of categories, including business insurance, sports insurance, concert insurance, and equipment rental insurance.

Obstacles on the road to insurance greatness.

Not unlike most online businesses, Athos wanted to offer its visitors a seamless website experience. Naturally, they opted for an interactive, automated approach that would make choosing and applying for an insurance policy simple for prospective customers.  However, that goal was never achieved prior to Athos hiring J9i.

For nearly five years, the Athos team battled with a web application that was riddled with broken processes, technical issues, and a dated UI. The application’s poor performance led to several specific challenges that kept the back-end portal and the Athos team from reaching their full potential:

  • Unstable and unfriendly membership area
  • Lack of account creation and control features for clients
  • Lack of “experience” in UX design
  • Dated layout and UI
  • Unreliable, exception-ridden web application
  • High scam activity due to lack of identity verification capabilities
Stabilizing the Athos foundation.

After enlisting the help of J9i, a strategy was immediately designed and deployed for stabilizing Athos’ existing website application. A mix of oversight and buggy coding from previous development teams meant that the Athos team was receiving upwards of 150 exception emails per day. In other words, at least 150 times per day the Athos application experienced an error that caused it to either timeout or crash. Hence, site stabilization was the first order of business.

To stabilize the application, we installed processes devoted to promptly fixing bugs and keeping things on track. The most important of those processes was an operation called continuous deployment. Under continuous deployment, any time a change is made or processed, the entire application rebuilds itself while simultaneously running tests against a strict set of criteria.

If either the build or the tests failed, our development team would shift its attention to resolving the issue within five minutes. If the issue remained unfixed for more than the allotted five-minute time frame, the application was rolled back to the last active stage of development. With continuous deployment, we could ensure that the Athos application was continually operational.

Before hiring J9i, Athos did not realize that receiving exception emails did not solve the problem; it only recognized that there was one…or 150. A careful analysis of the software’s technical challenges and pitfalls enabled us to finalize the full website application rebuild that Athos had been waiting on for the past half-decade.

Designing and automating for current and future.

When it was time to get under the hood of Athos’ processes, we focused on the request form and membership portal–both of which are integral to the back-end of managing the business’s prospects and clients.

By intelligently marrying design and automation, we were able to add an option for prospects to create an account prior to purchasing a policy, free the member area of its stagnant, template-based layout, and help Athos increase its request form completion rate.

Altogether, we automated Athos’ service cycle, from quote to policy, which included:

  • Quote request form
  • Policy renewal process
  • Policy change process (“Endorsements”)
  • Several other minor, yet significant aspects of the service cycle

With automation in place, we moved on to improving the look and feel of Athos’ quote request form. This process included:

  • Making the form more interactive so that prospective clients could easily navigate through each stage without needing to contact Athos customer support
  • Adding important details to each step of the quote so that prospects were more informed about which insurance needs Athos delivered on
  • Designing a modern layout whose aesthetics and functions competed with other online insurers and platforms that prospects likely engage with regularly
Foiling insurance scams with BlockScore API.

As an online insurer, Athos is all-too-familiar with the hassle and heartache of dealing with insurance scammers. Not only was insurance fraud costing Athos thousands in fake claims each year, the company did not have any effective protocols in place for detecting and preventing the practice. To tackle this issue head-on, J9i installed BlockScore, an intelligent identify verification API. Athos can now immediately verify and authenticate the identity of all policy purchasers on the spot.

With comprehensive validation rules in place, the Athos software also maintains a blacklist of known scammers, ensuring that purchasing attempts made by anyone in the database are immediately and automatically rejected. To tie it all together, J9i employed a host of security arrangements designed to monitor, recognize, and block practices that are consistent with fraudulent activities.

End Results

Between the automation of policy processes and the modern, accommodating website design, the Athos team now saves hundreds of hours of manual work—leaving time for the team to focus on growing the Athos reputation with new products and services. Streamlining the policy purchasing process had always been top of mind for the Athos team, but, unfortunately, the development teams they employed before hiring J9i didn’t share in their passion or vision. Nevertheless, the business now has the software and design it needs to keep hitting the mark with its offerings.

It was an honor and pleasure to have Athos entrust their software needs to J9i.