With the legalization of Cannabis across the United States, many growers and medical companies are going more “legitimate,” which requires having specialized insurance.

CannGen underwrites a comprehensive package of coverage with A-Rated carriers to protect those in the cannabis industry. They provide coverage that a standard commercial policy or carrier may not, and work with other producers (other insurance agents and companies) to assist their clients.

Project Requirements

  • WordPress CMS Integration
  • Responsive Website Design

We created a new WordPress website that could fit on any device, anywhere.

One of the challenges with this website is that the company is a full-service insurance firm. They offer a variety of services and serve several different key markets, consumers, and levels of business.

CannGen is a subsidiary of Next Wave Insurance Services, who have contracted us to build several websites for their different insurance brands. However, this brand was much newer than some of the other brands, and achieving high-quality content was imperative.

Luckily, we were able to have several photoshoots done on-site and received some really high-end photography and videos to add to the website. The different coverage and products are organized on the front page, allowing users to get where they need to go.