Logiic, Inc. is a multi-industry IT solutions provider based out of Paradise, CA. Its service repertoire boasts an array of IT offerings, including network security, HIPAA compliance assessments, financial management software, and emergency IT support.


The company made its official debut as “Logiic, Inc.” in early 2017 (formerly Chico IT). With a new business venture underway, the team at Logiic wanted to hit the ground running—and a website that could keep up with the company’s dynamic workflow would be a major part of the equation.

Logiic reached out to us with a simple need: a new website that was fresh, functional, easy to update, encompassed Logiic’s values and practices, and—if possible—cool to look at.


  • Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress CMS Integration

Though the name ‘Logiic’ may be new to the Paradise IT scene, those who make up the Logiic team are no strangers to IT excellence. The company is backed by the rich strength of both field and academic expertise. These guys are pros at all things IT. What they’re not pros at, however, is web design.

That’s where J9i showed up…and showed out. Here’s the story:

The J9i Solution

Our team was excited about this project because we’d heard about some of the company’s awesome work from a few of its early clients.

So, our goal was to deliver web design that would give Logiic’s work and growing reputation a digital leg to stand on.

Several brainstorming sessions later, we narrowed down the most important deliverables for the solution we wanted to offer Logiic:

  • Responsive web design
  • WordPress CMS integration

Simple, right? Yes and kind of—easy to communicate is not always easy to build.

However, we’ve made good on our word for hundreds of clients just like Logiic.

Our biggest challenge, in this case, would be making this site as unique as the people behind the brand.

The Details

First thing first, we didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to show off our web design chops to these IT bad asses.

They’re the best at what they do, but so are we. 🙂

The project started off with intense collaboration on the ‘how’s,’ ‘why’s,’ and ‘what about this’s’ that usually go into making every project a success.

Nevertheless, the Logiic team recognized our enthusiasm and intentness for delivering exactly what they needed, and quickly allowed us to take the wheel.

The Work

We wasted no time in getting down to business.

First order: finding a design that was responsive to the needs of both Logiic and their clients.

Hence, no creativity was spared in designing a site that was as versatile and practical as the services Logiic provides—after all, it was a brand-new website whose design would either make or break their visitors’ (including current and new customers) online experience.

The responsive design we chose would ensure that no matter what device a visitor was using to view the site, the content was optimized and delivered exactly how it would be if it were being viewed from a desktop.

Not to mention, the design fit well with the creative desires of the Logiic team.

Next, it was time to prove Logiic’s aptitude in delivering what they said they could deliver: first-grade IT solutions and support.

To achieve this, we made sure to convey proof of Logiic’s performance and success throughout. This meant that no matter where a visitor clicked on the site, Logiic’s expertise, reputation, work ethic, and love for their clients and what they do were being communicated.
Our next priority: CMS integration.

Logiic’s work is very technical in nature (if you haven’t already noticed). This was a major consideration in the decision to ensure the best CMS platform was in place, for those days when complete (and effortless) control of the site was necessary.

Finally, we needed to make sure that Logiic had a digital platform that helped it display the same level of IT greatness as it did when it was Chico IT.

Preserving this reputation through the new design was crucial to the expectations of Logiic’s existing clients and the impression left on new clients and website visitors.

The Highlights

You didn’t think we’d deliver the design less the cool factor, did you?

We left Logiic with a few highlights that are sure to set them apart from even their closest competitors—both visual- and business-wise:

  • A unique spider effect on the site’s header image
  • A support page that allows current customers to submit assistance requests
  • A contact page that allows new customers to reach out to Logiic for both normal and emergency requests
The Highlights

All in all, the project was very enjoyable and the client was extremely easy-going.

This project represented the ultimate web design balancing act—but we pulled it off and delivered a site that the team feels best represents the character of ‘Logiic.’.

The Results

Anxious to see the final product?
Take a look at the end result of our design for this awesome IT company: