About the Project

G1 Duck Club is a faith based duck hunting club that utilizes a web based system to handle all of their bookings and membership information. This allows hunters to login and book hunts, see who they are hunting with, and to further engage with the club. As with most clubs, there are certain rules (like you can only hunt 3 times in a week) and those restrictions needed to be included in the software.

Project Requirements

  • Custom Web Design
  • Responsive Web Design (Mobile Ready)
  • Custom Software
  • Custom WordPress Development

We developed a WordPress based website utilizing custom plugins to provide hunters the easiest possible booking system. We worked closely with the club to utilize and test the application, ensuring they kept full control of the website, hosting, and similar.

Finally, we worked with them to establish proper admin controls so club admins could monitor the hunts and assist members.

Users can book hunts, cancel bookings, and interact on the website. Members of the club were all very pleased at the ease of use and new look we gave their site, and the admins were happy with the club rules being integrated in.