Jay Nine, Inc provides analytic-driven SEO services.

The goal of utilizing a search engine optimization company is to consult with someone who will help your website rank higher in Google while increasing the perceived value of your brand across the web.

We’re focused on getting you real results, and your business ranked #1 in Google and other search engines.

The Process

  1. Discovery
  2. Strategy Review
  3. 90 Day Execution
  4. On-Going Maintenance


The first step of the process is determining the requirements of your project, as well as your project goals.

In this stage, we uncover any potential obstacles or roadblocks, to prevent nasty surprises from throwing things off track (including the project budget).

There are a lot of components that go into a successful web marketing campaign, and a lot of factors that go into SEO.

During this discovery process, we put together a full plan to get you ranked #1 on Google and related search engines.

Strategy Review

We take the information we discovered in the previous stage, and spin it up into a report to review with you and your company.

This report will give you a detailed look at your search engine rankings and will provide a plan to get you to #1 on Google and related search engines.

We’ll dive into areas of internet marketing like social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content creation. We’ll review this with your team so you have a fundamental idea of what you can do to get to #1 for your brand’s most effective keywords.

On-Going Maintenance

We have packages to fit most budgets in ongoing support and execution of your online marketing and search engine optimization campaigns.

After we’ve done the reporting and initial implementation, we’ll have enough data to help you make actionable and scalable marketing strategies.