The goal of utilizing a search engine optimization company is to consult with someone who will help your website rank higher in Google while increasing the perceived value of your brand across the web.

A lot of small business owners and marketers still think you can “game” the search engines. That companies like ours can do some “tricks” to get your website ranked #1 on Google. These tricks are not only dangerous to your brand, they never work in the long run. We help develop better web experiences through the creation and sharing of unique, authoritative, and planned content that grows your brand’s online footprint.

We’re focused on getting you real results, and your business ranked #1 in Google and other search engines. A #1 ranking doesn’t mean anything if it’s not driving more sales or conversions on your website.

Your custom SEO plan includes

  • Full website analysis
  • In-depth search for real link building opportunities
  • In-depth keyword search for your services/products
  • Monthly analytics reporting & tracking
  • A content marketing strategy using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn) as well as Google AdWords, AdRoll and social advertising
Software for Automation & Better Reporting

It’s incredible how many of our competitors use manual methods to try and guess/track SEO. Slap on a Google Analytics report and you have the extent of your reporting. We use industry leading software to deeply analyze your SEO campaign, find mistakes, and greatly increase the impact of your online footprint.

Focus on Conversions

#1 rankings don’t mean anything if you’re not converting. We sit down and find out what our clients want, then go and get it. One of our clients is a school that came to us, wanting to see 50 new enrollment requests online every month.

We set the goal to 100 new enrollment requests every month, and have been exceeding it every month. Your SEO team should be increasing your business, not giving you excuses why they picked non-performing keywords to rank your company.

The Process


The first step of the process is determining the requirements of your project, as well as your project goals.

In this stage, we uncover any potential obstacles or roadblocks, to prevent nasty surprises from throwing things off track (including the project budget).

There are a lot of components that go into a successful web marketing campaign, and a lot of factors that go into SEO.

During this discovery process, we put together a full campaign and strategy to get you ranked #1 on Google and related search engines.

02.Strategy Review

We take the information we discovered in the previous stage, and spin it up into a report to review with you and your company.

This report will give you a detailed look at your search engine rankings and will provide a plan to get you to #1 on Google and related search engines.

We’ll dive into areas of internet marketing like social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content creation. We’ll review this with your team so you have a fundamental idea of what you can do to get to #1 for your brand’s most effective keywords.

03.90 Day Execution

The SEO Plans are executed over a 90 day period, to collect data, try out different ideas, and hone in on the best practices of the campaign. Well performing items are notated and carried on, poor performers are removed.

90 days is enough time to see what converts the highest, and to give a good try to all performing items.

04.On-Going Maintenance

We have packages to fit most budgets in ongoing support and execution of your online marketing and search engine optimization campaigns.

During the maintenance period, we will check and update your campaign to remove non-performing campaigns and keywords, and to hyper focus on giving you the maximum ranking potential, leads, and online marketing campaign for your brand.