Jay Nine, Inc provides custom software, website design, and ecommerce website design services to small and medium sized businesses. We have a team of some of the best web developers around, and have created a unique process to ensure development stays on time, stays on budget, and exceeds the user’s expectations. Whether you are looking to completely outsource a custom software project, or add our world-class members to your team, we’re ready for your project.

The Web Design and Custom Software Project Process

Our six step process ensures you’re always in the know of where the project stands, and all we need to get started is a list of features!

  1. Discovery
  2. Design
  3. Programming
  4. Testing
  5. Launching
  6. On-Going Maintenance


The first step of the process is determining the exact specifications of your project, as well as the project goals. In this stage, we uncover any potential obstacles or roadblocks, to prevent nasty surprises from throwing things off track (including the project budget).

Mock Ups

We take the information we discovered in the previous stage, and spin it up into a functioning, accessible application or website. This will give us a “bare bones” look at the design and functionality of your application or website, without wasting a lot of time. One of the issues our clients faced before working with us was having development teams come back (generally month’s later) with a piece of software (or a website) that wasn’t in line with the company vision. Our process prevents that from happening, and gets in sync with the company vision early on.

Final Programming

After reviewing and including key staff members in the initial mock-up phase, our expert developers will fine tune and tweak the remaining pieces of the website or application. We’ll test the site with you, and make sure everything works in your eyes.


This is one of the most crucial parts of the design process, and is often skipped by our competitors. In this stage we’ll work with you and real live users/customers to ensure your customers and end users have a good experience with your website or application. This ensures your customers have a great experience, and the application works at 100% efficiency for your organization.


Time to pop out the champagne and celebrate the launch of your website or application to the world! This is the big roll out where the application is tested and in production.

On-Going Maintenance

We offer monthly and yearly service plans to assist with the maintenance and future changes to your website or application. We can also assist in ongoing SEO packages (if you hire us to build you a website or eCommerce solution) and/or ongoing training and development packages (if we partner with you to build custom software for your company).