Almost all of our projects are billed on a per-project basis.

Whether or not you engage us for a custom website, custom software, or SEO–we provide an exact cost and breakdown of the proposed project before signing any contracts. This helps eliminate surprises and ensures that you know exactly how much it’ll cost to have your project completed.

New projects, scope creep, and other items are billed separately from the initial core set of features.

So what’s my reasoning behind this? If my clients understand exactly what they’re purchasing and we agree ahead of time what that’s worth — and how long it’ll take — we would spend more time focused on producing results, removing the mystery from the equation.

Why Per Project?

I feel that per-project billing is the fairest form of billing for the type of work that we do.

My experience in hourly or weekly billing is that clients will often avoid calling, cut off crucial communication, or even stop wanting to keep companies like ours in the loop because of feared “billing.” They didn’t want to incur a 15-minute charge for bouncing an email off their vendor or have a two-minute phone call rounded up to the next billing threshold.

To be true, I definitely understand where that billing system comes from. It’s the easiest way to protect the agency from excessive scope creep and helps ensure the company is making a profit on every hour worked. This prevents nasty surprises from driving agencies out of business (as much as clients hate excessive billing, having a key vendor go out of business isn’t fun either).

Hourly Maintenance

One item we do generally bill hourly is ongoing maintenance for a website or application. This is bug fixes, software upgrades, and other little minor tasks that seem most fair to be billed on an hourly basis.