The New Facebook Page Timeline

In the ever changing world of Facebook, all Facebook Pages will have to change over to the new “Timeline” look on March 30th.

You can preview the changes here:

I wanted to write to you today about how you can integrate your business with the new Timeline, and some features you need to be aware of.

You won’t be able to set a landing page for your Timeline like you were able to with the old pages. You can still have tabs that are custom built, but you cannot change the default landing page on the Timeline.

You can, however, create what’s called a “cover photo” that is at the top of your Facebook page

You can see an example of mine at

For specifications on the cover photo, take a look:

Unlike the landing pages, you are not allowed to have any kind of promotional material in your Cover Photo. So, coupons, discounts, or even “like us” is strictly prohibited with Facebook’s new Timeline guidelines. The goal of the Cover Photo (in Facebook’s eyes at least) is to be a graphical representation of your business, or a product. You can change this picture at anytime.

There are also a couple of features you will want to integrate into your Facebook Marketing Campaign:

1.      With the new Timeline, consumers can now contact your page through private messages. This means you have much more flexibility in having people contact you directly on Facebook for issues they may not feel as comfortable sharing on your wall.

2.      Pages your Page likes is also more prevalent in your Timeline, and in your overall Facebook marketing campaign.

You should get your business connected with other local businesses, and start interacting on their walls and status updates. If you’re using your personal profile to do this, I highly recommend you change over to using your page to do this.

That’s enough to get you started on the timeline. Any questions? Light up the comments below!