Facebook Viral Marketing

Toys “R” Us Uses Facebook Viral Marketing For The Holidays

Last Thursday, Toys “R” Us announced its new “Become a Sing-a-ma-jig! Doll” app on Facebook, which allows you to take a picture of your face, and superimpose it on an image of the singing doll, then post it to your Facebook wall for everyone to see. This app is located on the “Holiday” tab of the Toys “R” Us Facebook fan page, and is set up to be very simple to use.

After you’ve uploaded the image on the doll, you can either post the image to your Facebook wall, or click on a link that takes you to the Toys “R” Us website, where you can purchase the actual doll as a child’s Christmas gift. This not only is prodding Facebook viral marketing techniques, but also giving users a clear call to action for buying the doll.

The app is a great way to get the Facebook users to do advertising, but also has a clear call to action that people can take. Setting up a call to action is something that I stress to businesses to not only allowing them to track ROI, but also to provide users with an easy way to purchase from their company. A call to action can take many forms, the Toys “R” Us one for example, or simply a sales page set up on your website, with links easily accessible to a business’ Facebook Fans.

Facebook Viral Marketing & Your Business

Take a look at your own social networking pages.

Are there clear call to actions available that strike a user to inquire about purchasing from your company? Though it is important to use Facebook to build a community around your brand, it is also important to note that people are going to be interested in buying from you when you give them quality content. Does your page do this?

Viral marketing is about having content and a creation that people actually want to share.

Take a lesson from Toy’s “R” Us, and think of clever ways to not only to engage in Facebook viral marketing, but also getting users to actually purchase from you.