The goal of a search engine is to give a user the absolute best results for their query.

When I type in something like “cheap red shoes,” I don’t want to see a $500 pair of shoes because the company selling the shoes hired an SEO to game the system.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in the algorithms for search engines. It allows searchers to get better answers to their questions, to find what they’re looking for and gives them a sense of empowerment and research capabilities they’ve never had before.

Search engines have shifted to ensure the user has a good experience from the minute they search, until they make their purchasing decision (or get to the knowledge/information they’re looking for).

Why You Should Think This is Awesome

Part of Google’s philosophy has always focused on delivering the best user experience possible.

The more technology increases, the more they are able to add elements into the algorithm to ensure a good user experience. Is your page speed (the time it takes to load your website) too slow? Well, you’re not giving as good of an experience as the website with a faster page load.

So, SEO should be much easier for good brands than it was in the past. You only need to understand your brand and demographic. Then you hyper-focus on serving those customers the best possible experience—from the first click to your website until they finish their first transaction with you — and your website will naturally increase in search rankings.


Why You Should be Afraid

For many agencies and companies, user experience has not been considered in the SEO toolkit.

Companies want to rank #1 for keywords, without a care for what the customer’s experience is after the keyword. Or, they want to rank #1 for too many keywords, without accepting the fact that their business only serves a specific type of client.

For example, the customer searching for “cheap hotels in Maui” and the customer searching for “luxurious travel to Maui” are searching for two entirely different things.

Part of Google’s philosophy has always been focused on delivering the best user experience. With recent technological advances, Google and other search engines are now better placed than ever to deliver this vision. This focus will only intensify over the coming months and years.

Most companies attempt to hire us want a “push button” solution where they can pay us monthly and then we make the “magic” happen.

Most of our Yelp reviews are 1 star? Doesn’t matter, we should be #1 on Google!

Our website is slow, outdated, and doesn’t show users what they’re looking for? Doesn’t matter! We should be #1 on Google.

This shift in the search engines requires a shift in the business owner, SEO, and marketer’s mind as well.

Focus on Your Brand, Your Market, and Empower the Customer

This means it’s easier than ever before to rank in search engines. You simply have to ensure that your content, website, and brand are the best possible result for what a user is searching for.

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