Ah, selecting the right eCommerce solution for your business. You understand you need to sell a product or service online, but which shopping cart solution should be used? Do you need a custom built solution, or does one exist off the shelf? How customizable are these solutions?

I’m going to introduce and recommend WooComerce as the shopping cart solution for your company. We’ve integrated and built in WooCommerce into smaller mom-and-pop stores, as well as multi-million dollar companies. You can take a look at some other large brands using WooCommerce.  Did I mention that WooCommerce is used on 28% of all online stores? It is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web, and provides a simple start for small business owners, with powerful customization available to larger companies.

We started building with WooCommerce in 2013, and have taken on projects ranging from small business websites to large custom integrations. One of our clients using Woo Commerce to purchases and customer data with their custom software.

Our four main loves about WooCommerce:

  • There are a large number of add-ons and themes available for WooCommerce. These are good starting points for your website’s design, layout, and functionality.
  • Many off-the-shelf custom plugins (both paid and premium versions) can give you high-level functionality for a fraction of the cost as having to hire someone to build a custom built solution. Even if you do end up needing customization, having a good starting point saves on costs and the time it takes to go live
  • You have near full control over the layout and functionality of your products. This means the eCommerce store will function based on how you’d like it to, and you won’t be stuck with a system you don’t like. You can use physical goods or digital downloads (eBooks, software, etc).
  • WooComerce offers complete inventory management, shipping options, and payment integrations (including PayPal, Square, Authorize.NET, and more)

Having a well-supported community of plugins, and standard items like inventory management or syncing up with payment processing solutions like Authorize.NET/PayPal are cake with WooCommerce (but require several weeks’ worth of development time when using other solutions).

You also get to self-host WooCommerce, rather than being stuck with one platform like Shopify. With Shopify, you can’t just move your shopping cart from server to server. If they go out of business, your website is gone. Paying for your hosting platform and self-hosting WordPress and Woo Commerce is a better investment for your business. You can scale up the infrastructure of your website and will retain more control on how your website functions. We have some WordPress websites that can be hit 10,000 times a second without having any performance changes.

We’ve worked with most of the popular CMS solutions and eCommerce solutions, and keep coming back to WordPress with WooCommerce as the best solution for business owners today. It has a strong community of developers. And makes eCommerce much easier to maintain. If you have trouble with your eCommerce software, or are looking for a new one, we’d highly recommend using WooCommerce.