A Design You Deserve

Your website will be one of the most powerful touchpoints in your customers’ brand experience. Not to mention, it serves as your brand’s foremost marketing tool.

J9i specializes in responsive website development and design that deliver the same experience and excitement across all devices – no matter where it’s being accessed from.

With a keen interest in website design that is functional and intuitive, we’ve established a growing portfolio of web development projects that are visually creative, technically stable, and interactively sophisticated.

Our vetted team of designers and developers are committed to transforming your vision into a website that drives traffic, increases conversions, and most importantly, communicates your mission, values, and story.

J9i Web Design Relationship Process

Because your website is such a critical pillar of your business’s success, there’s little room for error and even less room for guesswork.

We’ve perfected both our process and our field of experience by pairing our obsession with project management systems like SCRUM and DevOps with an instinct for what will look and work great for your brand.

Here’s our formula for getting your web design project underway:

  • We’ll spend 30 minutes to an hour on the phone (or over email) discussing your vision and goals to ensure we’re a good fit for you
  • If we’re a good fit, we’ll arrange a time to convene via phone, Skype, or in-person to talk about the steps, strategies, and deliverables that’ll assure full project success
  • You’ll receive a written proposal that outlines your project’s cost and timeline within 2 business days

The Web Design Execution Process


The first step of the process is to design the website. You’ll receive a mockup of the website core pages on a desktop view, tablet view, and phone view.
You provide us the feedback, and we’ll quickly get you a final blueprint of the website. This design will then be taken into the programming phase.


The second phase of our process is programming. This is where we code your new website or application to perfection. Once we’re done, we invite you to a testing session where we deploy the site to make sure everything is in proper working order. Finally, we iron out any bugs so that production can begin.


Phase three, testing, is where we get a holistic view of how all the elements of your site work together. Our focus in this stage is resolving any performance, usability, quality, or functionality issues that may exist, as well as tying up the loose ends. Our end-to-end testing process covers all angles with automated and acceptance testing, cross-browser testing, load testing, compatibility testing, and more.


This is the stage that our clients are usually most excited about. As you celebrate the launch of your new website, we’ll be in the background making sure things function the way they’re supposed to…and rooting you on, of course. Every website development project comes standard with 30-day monitoring that consists of us keeping a close eye on your site to make sure it is functioning properly at all times.

On-Going Maintenance and Post Launch

In this final phase, we set you up on a monthly or yearly maintenance plan. Our maintenance services include routine operational assessments and updates of your application or website. Depending on the plan you choose, maintenance can include any combination of ongoing design, development, programming, and marketing services.

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