What is PPC Marketing?

Let’s say that you own a small business.

Let’s say that you want more customers.

Really, who doesn’t?

We’ve all heard of social media marketing, and the mixed results it produces. Even when optimized, social media, content creation, and similar–all takes time. Time you, the business owner, don’t necessarily have to see new clients.

What if you need clients, sales, and traffic right now?

An effective way to quickly draw more traffic to your website, and ultimately a way to gain new business, is to create ads that will be displayed in search results on sites like Google. This type of online advertising can put your name and services in front of more customers, and more importantly can lead to more people finding you.

There are a few different methods used to manage and bill these ads, including  something called “Pay Per Click”. PPC advertising is a method of online promotion that only charges you when potential clients click on one of your ads. For advertising geared towards increasing sales directly, this is the most effective platform for small businesses first starting out.

This can be a great way to bulk up your client list, and fast.

But to run a successful (and profitable) PPC campaign, you’ll need an advanced understanding of not only your customers and their needs, but also how to conduct keyword research, how to set your bids, how to target correctly, how to write compelling ad copy, and how to continually retarget your campaign as you go. Although you can tackle all of this yourself, it is a time-consuming and costly way to learn how to correctly advertise your business online.

Lucky for you, we know what it takes to run a profitable PPC campaign.

Jay Nine Lessons is well versed in all areas of keyword optimization, targeting, and copy writing. From small budget to large budget, from big business to ‘Mom & Pop’, we can craft and maintain ads that will raise your bottom line.

To learn more about our PPC prowess and how we help small businesses, contact us for a free consultation.